Let Us Bring Your Ideas To Life

Our complete sampling section is manned with the best in the business, our production manager also oversees the sampling department.

We know a superior sample comes from a brilliant pattern, and next – constructing your collection requires a very special skill. Ieally we would work from a detailed specification sheet – but quite often an existing sample, picture, design or inspiration is what is provided.

The team are creative and innovative, working together to come up with the best production methods for your sample. As well has how it looks, known as hanger appeal, how comfortable it is to wear, which is very important, we also consider the most cost efficient construction methods, utilising the right fabrics and trims to ensure your garment can go through our streamlined manufacturing process.

Swimwear accessories

How it usually works is that, we’ll do a proto-sample. This is the very first one, it is usually the most time consuming. This is where the design team work together to realise your idea and bring it to life. Once you receive your sample, and provide us feedback, we go to the next phase.

Pre-Production sampling, this is a quicker process – as we have made the garment once already and we know where it needs alterations. Ideally this round of sampling is in your exact fabric, lining and trims, this should be exactly as the pieces would be produced through the production line.

Allow 2 weeks for each round of sampling. Want a superior sample or a quote? Contact Us.